Retaining Walls

Sandstrom Land Management can build your retaining wall using architectural block or boulders. We often find that part of the solution to a nagging drainage problem is a retaining wall that can allow proper grade adjustment or redirecting of runoff. We find that 90% of wet basements are related to improper drainage outside of the home. We rely on Bruce's certification as a Professional Hydrologist to properly assess drainage problems and develop practical solutions. We strive to avoid solutions that rely on pumps or piping. We also avoid solutions that might be problematic during Minnesota's notorious spring thaw - refreeze cycle. But whatever you do to dry up your basement, first make certain the problem isn't related to outside drainage issues before trying to solve it by internal collection and sump pump systems.

Block wall

Retaining Wall Constructed with Versa-Lok Weathered Mosiac

Stone wall

Boulder Retaining Wall